Days Of Future Past 0.2

 “Describe one or more possible roles plants could play in the future of humanity. How are these roles different than what occurred in the past?”

Hello. My name is Malus, but you can call me Mal! I am an apple tree from years in your past. I was planted by a little boy and I have watched him grow into a man. I was the first tree in his orchard, did you know? I started it all. When the man first started his orchard, he moved me to a small hill by his house. Now I overlook thousands of trees as they produce many delicious apples. But I produce the best. He said so himself. I produce the best apples. Do you know why? Because they’re always ripe and they’re always juicy. He also said he moved me by his house because I’m the biggest and I produce the most oxygen. Isn’t that exciting? I am the best out of all of trees because I’m the biggest and I produce the most delicious apples! I am going to be giving him and his family apples for years and his children will climb my trunk and they will swing on my branches and it will be a glorious time. Until the day I rot away into the ground, I will serve my human and his family by producing the best apples to feed him and the best oxygen for him to breathe in.

Hello, my name is Pumila but you may call me Mila. I am an apple tree from years in your future. I was planted as a seed by a group of engineer’s children. They hid me on a space rover, destined to walk another planet and sent me off to Mars. When it landed on Mars, I fell out of the little pocket the children hid me in. I landed on a the Martian earth and the rover saw me. It picked me up and took me to where it knew there were humans. It went to a human base camp and put me onto a table. The people there saw me and planted me into the ground (with some soil from earth) as an experiment. It was highly successful and I became the first apple tree on Mars. I provided clean oxygen for the  people who stayed there. Many years later, there were more trees brought to where I stayed. It was nice to have company, but I was given a special place because I was the first tree. I was the start of a colony on Mars, because I was proof that humans could survive. I still stand there today and little children run around me for fun and swing on my branches, of course only if they’re tall enough.

Biology 90


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