Summary #11

Let me tell you something about cars. They’ve changed in a radical way, from the wheels to the engines. But they are all based on one basic model. The Ford Model T by Henry Ford. Dude, the Model T was super amazing! It had to be able to withstand any kind of weather because it was some people’s only transportation. Because there weren’t any paved roads when it first came out, the Model T had to be able to climb up and down ditches, travel over rocks, mud, snow, water–you name it. It was a durable machine that was faster than a horse and looked awesome. The Model T was awesome and epic and I really wish I had one.

On a totally different note, World War I had started and Woodrow Wilson wanted to go into war. The americans did not. Guess what happened. He took America into war. Roosevelt really, really wanted to go into war. But still, the americans did not. They were scared of Europe, and rightfully so. Woodrow Wilson got sick during this time and behind the scenes, his wife took over. She was running the place for a year and a half, until Woodrow Wilson stepped down, giving Warren G. Harding the presidential position.

(Clarification is needed. Wilson didn’t just hand over the position, Harding was voted in.)

Lesson #120


Summary #10

Theodore Roosevelt was an extraordinary man who accomplished many great things in his presidency, so much so that even people today still know his name. Not many know what he did, but when people hear about him, they say things like, “Great man” and “The best president”. But we often overlook the man who followed him in the presidency. A man named William Taft, who was often made fun of for his weight. The presidency changed Taft in ways that the people did not enjoy. He didn’t joke as much; he wasn’t a bubbly personality anymore. The pressure and demands of the presidency drove Taft into himself and he… well, he stress ate. He is the largest president to date. He even had the Presidential Bath renovated because he could no longer fit in it. But William Taft fought through this stage. He became a good president, who was and is often over shadowed by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Let us not forget William Taft.

I learned a bit about Woodrow Wilson, the next president in line. He was an academic, the first President with a PhD. He was a skilled lecturer and a gifted speaker and he brought America into World War I.

Meanwhile, there was the ‘progressive era’. Basically, taxing the rich so the poor didn’t have to work and loss of privacy because people had to declare what their income tax was.

Lesson 115




Summary #9

The Eugenics Movement. A movement where a bunch of people, at least 60,000, were sterilized against their will. Because they needed to be ‘cleansed’. And people didn’t want them to procreate. Guess which state was behind it all. California. And guess who took inspiration and asked for advice on the matter? The Nazi’s. There’s something for your nightmares. California just wants you to forget.

Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.

Another thing that went down was Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is basically all of Darwin’s idea’s put into modern society. This led to those involved splitting off into two groups; the right wing and the left wing. The right wing was the less popular one and they believed that society should imitate nature aka they wanted to be free and unpredictable; gone with the wind, so to speak. The left wing wanted to be structured, with plenty of direction. Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

-Lesson 110


Summary #8

-A Summary-

In years past, we looked to the future for our answers

Putting a single person in a position of power

Expecting them to lead and not spread like cancer

A thought that so often is devoured

A boat that crashed, it was one’s fault, hypocrites blamed the unworthy

Merchants and business men decided to compete

One of them won, the other left to his own defeat

A summary is what I’ve presented

Though you may not recognize the truth

But what I have given you is not demented

Try to have an open mind, will you?

-Lesson 105

Summary #7

Let’s talk about the Civil War. So the South fought really hard to keep their slaves but eventually lost because they ran out of resources to defend themselves with. This was a significant war not only because of what it represent, but also because it was the first war that was modernized. They used railroads to transport goods and telegraphs to relay information, both to the armies and to the people at home.

This war cost the United States a whole lot of money, so it’s no wonder we’re still deep in debt.

There was this guy named Wilbur McLean and the reason this guy is so epic is because the war started and ended in his presence. A cannon ball was shot through his window on July 21, 1861 and the two leading generals made up in his living room on April 9, 1965. So, that’s pretty cool.

-Lesson 100



A Summary Part 6

This week, I learned about a lot of stuff, so sit back and relax while I tell you about some deep stuff. First off, railroads. Railroads became a thing and they were super convenient. They could travel at fast speeds, carrying large amounts of cargo, and were relatively cheap. Second off, telegraphs. Oh yes, the telegraph. The amazing invention that put morse code to good use. Side note, morse code is awesome and I highly recommend learning how to use it so you can have secret conversations with your friends. Next, California became a free state, the North wanted the South to give up their slaves, and the South wanted to keep their slaves forever. They were willing to fight for their freedom to keep slaves from their own freedom.


A Summary Part 5

This week, I learned about families in 1800 America. Most knew of church, but weren’t regular church attendees. Most owned a bible, but didn’t or couldn’t read it. It was very costly to live because there were such big families. Jobs were handed down from father to son. Basically, it was the beginning of the wild west. Think Little Women and the pioneer life. There isn’t any ‘playing’ cowboys and indians–because it’s real.

In the meantime, pirates are a nuisance on the open seas and I really want to be a sailor. I used to want to be a pirate, but they murder and steal. I’d rather be a sailor.