Spooky Scary Skeletons

What is bone marrow? What two types of bone marrow exist, and why are they important to the overall health of the body?

 What is bone marrow? Bone marrow is inside of your really strong bones and it’s really important and it keeps you alive. How does it keep you alive? Well, you see, bone marrow is separated into two types. And they are yellow marrow and red marrow. Now, the red marrow is really cool because it creates all of your red blood cells and your white blood cells. When a baby is born, they have 100% red marrow. But, adult’s have 50% yellow marrow and 50% red marrow. Plus! If you loose some of your blood, your red marrow starts creating more blood cells and then if your injury is REALLY serious, your yellow marrow will turn into red marrow to help produce blood cells. Isn’t that cool? As you can see, bone marrow is pretty important to your health. 

Biology Revised, Lesson 170


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