Some Things Never Change

“What is one issue that reflects the individualist versus collectivist outlook in your own times? How does it do this?”

Individualist: A person who favors freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.

Collectivist: A person that favors the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it. 

Individualists in the modern times would probably be represented by Republicans, while collectivists would probably be represented as Democrats. Though, I’m not sure how I can properly explain this without offending anyone. I will try my best. One issue that reflects the war between the two? How about Presidential debates and elections? The United States is split into three parts when a Presidential election comes around. There are the Republicans, the Democrats, and the people who don’t care. Republicans want their rights and they don’t want to be controlled. Democrats want controlled actions, accountability, and freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies. And the other people either don’t think their vote matters or they don’t care what happens. 

When you take a step back and look at the world, you can see that some things never change. 

Western Civilization 2. Lesson 165


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