How Could It Not Be?

“In what ways did revenge fit into World War II?”

Revenge. Such a nasty word. A nasty word to describe either to take back something that’s yours or to do what someone did upon you ten-fold. Revenge is never the answer to any problem. Why? Because you’ll never feel like you’ve exacted justice on the person that is at the center of your revenge rampage. If someone killed your mother in front of you, what would you do to that person? You’d probably try to kill them too. But it wouldn’t be enough to kill them, would it? You’d have to make them feel the pain that you do. And even if you do succeed in doing that, you have already become a monster that is much greater than the killer. Exacting revenge is an option, but it is a risky one. You cannot chose the path of revenge. The path of revenge is path of destruction. However, in war, there is a different mindset. In war, revenge is the go to option. In war, revenge is how you survive. Revenge consumes the soul. It’s what soldiers use to keep on fighting when one of their own is down. It is their duty. Revenge upon the ones who killed their kin. Revenge upon the ones who destroyed their towns. Revenge upon the ones who turned their lives into nothing but pain and agony. Revenge upon the traitors who thought they could escape the war. Revenge upon those who fired upon the innocent. Revenge. Is. The answer. How could it not be?

Western Civ. 2, Lesson 145


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