“What does it mean to say a creature is “intelligent?” Describe some of the intelligent behavior of various animals, and compare it to human intelligence.”

Intelligence. Something that is strived for in our society everyday. To say a creature is ‘intelligent’ is a very big compliment in our society today. If you see dog fetch the right item for another human, you say, “Oh, she’s a smart one!” but if you see a dog unlock a door you say, “Oh, she’s so intelligent!”. Ok, granted no one really talks like that anymore but we’re moving on! You consider yourself to be at the top of the food chain, as a human. And as a human, you have the greatest level of intelligence, right? Well, yes and no. Let’s take some primates as example. A capuchin monkey can be trained to be a servant for the needy. Gorillas can be trained to speak in sign language as well as do many ‘human’ things. This is why people have believed that we evolved from apes. Apes aren’t the only animals to be considered very intelligent. Aquatic creatures such as dolphins have been known to show off their smarts to scientists and tourists alike. Crows, when they cannot crack nuts correctly, drop them in the mess of traffic to be cracked open. They then wait until the traffic stops and go to eat up the nut.

So you see, yes, there are probably animals out there that are more intelligent than you. Intelligence can be shown throughout many different abilities possessed by many different animals. For an animal to be intelligent, it must surpass the normal behavioral traits shown by other animals like it. For a human to be intelligent, they need to study and get a degree to show it off to other people. No, an animal cannot get a degree or make a career as a Physician. But they can do many other things like humans. 

Biology Revised, Lesson 130




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