You Know What’s Good For The Soul? Questions.

“Discuss a weak point in the views of Karl Marx, and explain what’s wrong with it”

A weak point in the many beliefs of Karl Marx is that everyone should pursue many careers instead of focusing on one. I don’t mean being a painter but also being a pianist. I mean wanting to be a pianist but also trying to be a painter and a scuba diver and a doctor and a scientist. The weak point here is that if everyone is doing everything, then what is there left to do? There would be less jobs for people who really want to pursue an activity. Plus, everyone would probably be stressed 24/7.

“What were Herbert Spencer’s views? Does he deserve to be called a “Social Darwinist”?”

Herbert Spencer. His work was twisted by a man who hated his views. And no one bothered to check his facts. They just believed him. His work gone to waste, no one would believe his face. They just believed the lies, up until he died. Then one day, a man came along. A man by the name of Roderick T. Long. He dedicated much to find out the truth. And what he found, he told with the world. Some chose to believe him, and some didn’t. But that’s not the goal he was after. They called Spencer a ‘Social Darwinist’ because of a sentence taken out of context. No one thought to read before, no one thought to read after. And thus became  ‘Social Darwinism’ and that was a total disaster. But Herbert Spencer was innocent. That we have proved. His views were not of letting the poor suffer because of their problems but helping the people get through them. So, go rest your head, young one. There’s no need to brood. For the truth of this man has been made light. And you have many more mysteries to uncover. So, close the tab and search away. Who knows what you might discover?

Western Civ 2, Lesson 100


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