Questions And Answers

“What does the evidence show about education in England before the compulsory state system was established?”

Despite what most might think, before the compulsory state system was established, the education in England was very good. A lot of very successful people came out of school highly educated. The statistics will show you that there was less education per household but history shows us that there was less of everything back then, so it’s not a very grounded argument.

“What is classical liberalism?”

Classical liberalism is the exact opposite of modern liberalism. In the modern world, liberals are all for the government ruling everything and will gladly give up all of their time and money to make sure that their precious government protects them and limits them so much, that they can no longer be called a ‘free people’. Those who were classical liberalists back in the day wanted to make sure that the government knew when it had stepped too far into their lives. They showed the public what the government was doing wrong and called them out on their mistakes. They wanted less government control! Can you believe how much the word ‘liberal’ has changed in the past years?

“Choose one of the works discussed in lesson 83 and explain how it reflects the principles of classical liberalism?”

The work I shall briefly discuss is called the Petition of the Candlemakers. This work argues that we should shut the doors and blot out the windows in our homes as to make an easier market for the candlemakers. The candlemakers are obviously being cheated out of their hard work thanks to the sun providing free light to everyone! The work was made to seem ridiculous so the government would see that they are the candlemakers when cheaper items of the same trade are the sun. 

Western Civ. 2, Lesson 85


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