“Why did he take the coins off the ship?”

The ‘he’ we are referring to is a fictional man named Robinson Crusoe. During his life, Crusoe was always looking for adventures and the adventures almost always nearly killed him. Left on an island, he decided to call it his home and recorded his adventures further in his journal. Throughout his travels, he would often make covenants with the Lord–but break them as soon as the Lord delivered his end of the bargain. And such is a great example of our earthly sin. We act all innocent and helpless but when God decides to help, we laugh in His face and run away. Isn’t that the main idea of our world today? To confine to anything that’s not who we are? People are constantly out doing each other with how different they are and it’s getting out of hand. The more different someone is, the better or worse they are treated. It’s not cool. If we were all who we were meant to be and didn’t break any promises, I’d bet there’d be a lot less violence and murder happening. Killings and torments flood our world like the flood gates when a dam of water is opened. We strive our whole lives to be something great, something new, something worth noticing, when we should be striving for the love of the one who already loves us so much. And that’s Jesus. He literally died for you. I don’t think people seem to grasp what that means anymore. “Oh yeah, He died for me, so what?” He literally gave up His life for you. He ended his life for you. He was dead. Dead as a doornail. And He didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing. At all. You were supposed to die, you know? In His place, you were supposed to die. But you didn’t. Why? Because He loved you so much that He died for you. But He conquered the grave and rose victorious over death. Three days. That’s how long He was dead. Three. Freaking. Days. And then, BOOM! HE CAME BACK! He’s up in heaven just waiting for you to come to him. He loves you so much because he created you. You are his child. So please, don’t break your promises to Him like Crusoe. 

Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant like that. Back to the point.

Crusoe took the coins off of a shipwrecked vessel on an abandoned island. Why did he so such a thing? It could be because he needed something to remind him of where he once was. It could be that he was trying to create a fire using the coins’ reflection. Or it could be because he wanted to bury it in the sand and come across it late in his lifetime. If you were on an island and found something that was familiar, wouldn’t you want to keep it with you? For memories once lost? For times long forgotten? For something to fiddle with when you get bored? I know I would.

English 3, Lesson 85


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