Enlightened Absolutism

What was “enlightened absolutism”?

“Beginning in 1759 and ending in 1808, European Monarchs were faced with the rise of enlightenment a movement that challenged the normality of colonial rule with reason and rationality.” Wikipedia

What was enlightened absolutism? The official definition is above, thanks to Wikipedia. It all started when one European Monarch said to another, “Let’s change the rules to fit to our advantages”. Okay, not literally, but that was the gist of it. One Monarch set an example for many to come, setting up new rules and laws that, unfortunately, were not to the communities advantage. I’m talking raised taxes, more merchants to feed off of the taxes, Monarchs executing and banishing people off of their property–the whole shebang. A history of bad decisions followed ‘enlightened absolutism’, starting in 1759 and coming to a close in 1808. I’m just glad that things like this don’t happen very often. 

Western Civ 2, Lesson 60


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