Being Persuasive

“Would any of Bacon’s essays have been more persuasive if he had talked about his own experiences?”

Depending on the situation he would be recounting, it may or may not have been more persuasive. Usually, referring to ones own experiences gives the reader a look into the authors personal life, therefore creating a certain bond. The reader feels closer to the author because they decided to share this information. It makes the reader feel special for knowing more about the author. Being able to relate to the reader is very important. Why? Because it shows them that not only is the author human, but that the reader could be just like the author. Giving the reader hope is a vital thing if you want followers and people to listen to you. If you are the reader and your favorite author says that they grew up in your home town, wouldn’t that make you feel like you connect to the author? If you are the author and you tell the reader that you started out just like them, would it not give the reader hope to become something great (assuming you are a good author)? The answer is yes, so my final answer is yes. Adding in personal experiences into your essays and stories makes it seem real. It makes it seem like you aren’t reading off of a script or copying something from the internet. And it can be very persuasive if applied correctly. 

English 3, Lesson 60


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