Deals At Crossroads Never End Well

“Why has this theme (making deals with crossroads demons/the devil himself) remained popular since 1587?”

*Please note that the people in the story are fiction and you should not try any of the stunts pulled by them* 

**I am not responsible for any souls that you may sell and should not be held accountable**

***Please do not do any of this, it isn’t worth it***

A woman trying to find her place in the world only to be told to stay in her place. A young man working late nights trying to pay off his student loan. A mother trying to provide for a family of 3, without a husband. A father doing hard work in harsh conditions, just so his family will have something to eat. A young woman standing in a darkened apartment with a paper in her hands that demands money she doesn’t have. Maybe you need to imagine the desperate pleas for help from these lost souls–and maybe you don’t. All of these people would give anything to change their situations….

Imagine if someone knocked on the door of the young woman’s apartment and told her that they could give her exactly what she wanted, for little to no cost. Would she not jump at the opportunity? What if someone approached the father and offered him 10 years of solid wealth for his family to live off of, for just a small fee? Would he not jump for joy and offer to pay up front? What about the woman? If someone offered her a shortcut to the top, would she not grasp their hand and beg them to tell her the secret? What of the mother? Would she not break down in tears of joy when she heard that there was another way to provide for her family that wouldn’t involve pushing each other to the breaking point? The answer is yes. Of course. These people would give anything to get out of their situation and a deal with a demon offers just that. Depending on the type of deal and demon, these people could get 10+ years of anything they wanted, for the simple price of their soul. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Who needs a soul? Keep reading, it gets better. At midnight on the designated date, when their deals are up, these people’s souls are taken down to Hell where they are tortured for eternity. Yeah, doesn’t sound so good does it? What’s 10+ years of pure good luck in the face of an eternity of literal Hell? Of course, the demons making the deal wouldn’t advertise what would happen after 10+ years. No, they would just want to focus on the persons deepest ambitions. Let’s take the man for example. A hard working father would want nothing more than to see his family cared for in the best way possible. So for 10+ years he and his family would prosper greatly. Then when it starts to get a few years closer to the final date, he starts to worry–not too much, but enough. Then it becomes a few months…. then weeks….. then days. By this time, this man is on his knees begging the demon not to take his soul. “I’m not ready!”, he shouts, “I need more time!”. But the demon only laughs,”Till midnight”, they say with a wicked smirk. And at midnight, his one way ticket on the highway to hell is exchanged for the man’s soul. His family never knew what happened to him that night. The mother had just reserved a room in the best Psychiatric Hospital in the state. She was planning on putting him in there until he calmed down, because all he could talk about was a ‘deal with a demon’, how wrong he was to ‘sell his soul’ and how he ‘wished he knew what the real cost was’. 

I think this theme has remained popular because everyone wants an escape. Everyone want’s the easy way to their dreams. Wether it be for fame, glory, money, or people, I think demon deals will always be a popular subject in the fiction field. I just hope no one is stupid enough to try it in real life. 

English 3, Lesson 30





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