All About Water!!!

“Water is necessary for every known life form. Describe some of the properties of water that make it so critical. Do any of these molecular properties play a role in the structure or function of other molecules that are important to life?”

Water. The world needs it to survive. But what makes it so important? Could it be because it nourishes our bodies? Could it be because without water, we would die? Could?! It?! Be?! Probably. But we aren’t here for ‘probably’s’. We are here for the truth! And the truth is water is much more than something that falls from the sky. Water is made up of the two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen. When these two elements combine, water can create something called Cohesion and Adhesion. Allow me to explain. If you place two droplets of water next to each other, they will combine into one bigger droplet. This is called Cohesion, while Adhesion is when the water sticks to another surface, for example, your shirt or a shoe. Water also absorbs heat. When you sweat, water runs down your body, absorbing heat along the way. You may not notice it, but sweating keeps you cooler. Water comes in many forms but two are very distinct to us, the first being the liquid state. In water’s liquid state, it can be drunk by living creatures. This is critical to the survival of our planet, and not just land animals use this water. In case you haven’t noticed, the entire ocean is one big liquid state! Animals live inside of it and survive off of the climate the ocean creates. In ponds, lakes, and swamps, bacteria live inside of the water, getting their food from all around them. The liquid state of water is used for entertainment, cleaning, drinking, and more. The second state of water that we will briefly discuss is the ice state. In cold climates, the ice is a necessity for survival. Not only are towns built on icy mountains, but islands that are made up of ice are home to many arctic creatures. And I could write an entire essay alone dedicated to the third state of water, which is moisture, but unfortunately, that is for another day. The two elements that make up water, Hydrogen and Oxygen, are also very important informing other elements. I hope that this essay was sufficient on supplying you with new knowledge for another day.

Biology, Lesson 10


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