Prosecution? Yup.

“Was More risking persecution by the church because of this book?”

The answer to this question all depends on the church. The book was about Utopia and how “perfect” it was. I say “perfect” because it really wasn’t perfect. It was rather odd, actually. The absence of violence and other things made life different. It was kinda like the Broken Window Theory. If we had no crime, we wouldn’t need prisons to hold criminals and we wouldn’t need police men to catch them. We wouldn’t need judges to judge who did what because we wouldn’t need to worry about that kind of stuff. Which would be good, except, a lot of people would be out of a job. That doesn’t even cover the uselessness for security systems, weapons and pawn shops. The whole thing circulates around the fact that we kinda need crime to keep the world turning. How does this relate to the church? Well, unfortunately, the church was pretty democratic back then. In Utopia, there wasn’t a need for Popes or anything like that so of course the church wouldn’t care for it too much. And they loved to take things out of proportions so naturally, they’d want to kick him out. So, in various ways, yeah, I’d say he risked prosecution from the church. Luckily, churches like these are becoming more and more uncommon. Maybe More was just born in the wrong century.

Engilsh 3, Lesson 15


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