“Explain Luther’s main points in the selection you read from On the Freedom of a Christian.”

The main points of On the Freedom of a Christian are as follows. Luther states that the ‘Scripture of God’ is,

“divided into two parts: percepts and promises.”

He says that percepts teach us what is good but the problem is that no one really follows them. They, quote,

 “show us what we ought to do, but do not give us the power to do it” 

end quote. Luther gives examples of precepts in the Bible like certain commandments. He then moves on to the promises of God, which he is much enthusiastic over. He states that the promises of God are true and should be trusted and praised. He says that faith is incredible and easy to understand when you look at all of God’s promises. He talks about faith and it’s importance to the soul. He also talks about how a believing soul rejoices in God’s promises but a doubting soul shrivels under the pressure of the world. Luther speaks on the subject of marriage and how it is the combining of two souls merged together as God intended. Throughout the whole passage, Luther continuously quotes God’s Scripture to back him up, providing no angle for hecklers to call him out. All in all, this is one powerful piece of literature.

Western Civ. 2, Lesson 10


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