Hook, Line, And Sinker

“Why does More present the traveler as a sensible reformer early in Book I, but not later?”

Why does More present the traveler as a sensible reformer early in Book 1, but not later? Well, it could be for a lot of reasons. Some authors don’t know their characters early on and while he might’ve been more of a nice Hufflepuff early on, he might’ve turned into a snarky Slytherin later. You never know what’s going on in the author’s head, mate. It could be anything! Any reason at all! It could be that maybe More wanted us to like the traveler and he wanted him to be more relatable. Once he’s got the readers invested in the life of a fictional character, he drags them through the mug. It’s like when you’re fishing and you get a great, big catfish on the line with a nice juicy worm and then BANG snag him with a hook, and then drag him through some really polluted water. He has to go because he fell, quite literally, hook, line, and sinker for that juicy worm. Many times, writers do that to readers to work up some extra cash or just to play with peoples emotions. It’s not right but what does it matter to them? They’re independent adults (usually) and there’s no mummy peering over their shoulder, trying to get them to be nice to the younger kids on the playground. Because they’re adults, they aren’t scared of anything but the government. And it’s not like the President of the United States is going to come to their house and demand they stop tormenting fictional characters and their readers. In conclusion, I think that More was trying to pull a catfish on his readers. Or you know, you could go with the logical approach, which is that the traveler just changed over the course of the book, but what fun is that?

English 3, Lesson 10


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