Successful Missionary Work

“What do we learn about St. Francis Xavier’s missionary work in the letter you read for lesson 13?”

We learn that he was very persuasive. He was able to get massive crowds by going in the middle of the street and talking to the people around him. They were always hungry for new information and yearned for his commands. So he supplied plenty of them. He taught to a church of men, woman, and children until the children knew his teachings by heart. The people were able to recite the Creed, Mary’s prayer, and others with joy. He explained to them what it meant to be a Catholic Christian and they were excited to become one. Basically, his missionary work was very successful, to the point where the only reason there weren’t Christian’s in a certain area, was because there was no one to spread the word! A man even reported back to Xavier that he wasn’t a believe until he had a peculiar dream one night. Then, he converted his brother and father to Christianity. When heckler’s would try to get him to worship their idols, Xavier would turn them away, much to their distaste. Xavier also got children to destroy the false idols in their towns. Now, that’s a successful missionary.

Western Civ, Lesson 15



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