The Forgotten Room

The door creaks open as small tornados of dust swirl around a persons feet. The darkened figure walks over the rotted wooden floor….

The wood groans under the figure’s light steps…

A hand reaches up to pull open the curtains and a streak of golden sunlight streams into the room, casting shadows upon the walls….

The figure emits a small cough as the dust clouds their lungs. A small mouse runs away from the figure, as they walk over to a forgotten desk, where a small computer lay, covered in layers of dust….

Wiping a hand over the desktop, the figure sits down in an old, but comfortable chair, behind the desk. Straightening up, they open the computer…..

The figure’s breathing quickens as they chuckle and say, “Here we go, again.”….

They get into position, hold their breath, and click a small button on the computer…..

It roars to life.

And with a humorous sigh, the figure begins to work on stories long forgotten and people lost by time….



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