Church? Pff, what Church?

“What can we say about the condition of the Catholic Church on the eve of the Protestant Reformation?”

First off, yikes. On the eve of the Protestant Reformation, people were—what’s the word?—-difficult. The people in higher ranks of office would act saintly around people and then go off and spend all of their money drinking and keeping concubines. Some people who used to be regular church goers, wanted something more dramatic, and would wait until a dramatic Catholic Priest came to town, to go to church. Some people wanted to tear down the church and others wanted to have it restructured under their terms. It wasn’t uncommon to see bribery and other things going on. Catholics praised certain authors who published books that changed the church, for example, The Imitation Of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. In conclusion, the state of the Catholic Church wasn’t a good one. The church was about to break off into separate groups and people of different beliefs will rise. But, hey, it’s not all terrible. We got some pretty awesome moments in history because of this event. Like when Martin Luther stood up the church. Yeah, that was epic.

Western Civ. 175




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