“What is bone marrow? What two types of bone marrow exist, and why are they important to the overall health of the body?”

Ok. You’re probably asking, “WHAT’S BONE MARROW?”. Well, I’m going to tell you, so I can get a good grade and not fail. Also, because I know what it is and I want you to be educated. Bone marrow is in the center of most strong bones like your legs and collar bone. It is made up of two sections of marrow. Red marrow and yellow marrow. The yellow marrow is surrounded by spongy bone tussle and red marrow. Ok, now you’re probably like “Wait, spongy bone?” Yeah, I know it sounds weird. Turns out, your bone isn’t super hard like you see in model skeletons. It’s actually squishy and spongy. So, let’s get back on topic. Red marrow is made up of fat cells and speaking of cells, red marrow is actually the creator of all blood cells. And because of that, red marrow can be transferred to people who have unique and different cancers and it helps them recover from their sickness. So yay for red marrow! When babies are born, they have all red marrow but when you’re an adult, you have 50% red marrow and 50% yellow marrow. The yellow marrow comes from maturity into an adult and forms from the red marrow. It helps provide proteins for the red marrow. Ok, so here comes the awesome part. If you loose blood, the red marrow creates new blood cells, and the yellow marrow can change back into red marrow to help produce cells. That’s why bone marrow is awesome. Because it can save your life. So, thank your body and thank the Lord that he created you with such an intricate and smart body. 

Biology 170





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