So, I was scrolling down my posts…..

So, I was scrolling down my posts and I found a short story that I can’t believe I wrote! I haven’t posted it in a while so here it is again!



This is just a story I made because I needed a break from my other story. It’s kinda ‘eh’ but you know. This’ll make you think twice when you go to the bathroom….that sounded weird. Anyway, enjoy.

Myra shivered. The thought of going on was too terrifying. She couldn’t move her feet. Her hands were super sweaty. Pull yourself together! No one is afraid of this! Only little kids. Come on! You’re 16! You can deal with this! She thought. She sighed and opened the door to the school bathroom. It was so dark, she almost decided to run away. But something kept her there, frozen in an instant of time. She reached for the light switch and flipped it on. The bathroom flooded with light and she went in. A small sun hug at the end of the bathroom wall. She quickly averted her eyes from it. She stopped at the mirror and stood there. She messed around with her hair and then messed around with her makeup. A stall door slammed shut. She jumped but still continued on. Oh! My mascara is smudged. Better fix that! She took her favorite mascara tube out of her purse and used it. She got real close to the mirror and carefully put on fresh blush. Another stall slammed behind her. Her hand slid down the side of her face, creating a streak of powder. She groaned and reached into her purse for makeup remover. She took out one little wipe and started to remove the streak. A sink faucet turned on. She stared at it. She saw the handle go from low to high. The second faucet turned on. Another stall slammed shut. She looked back to the mirror. It was vibrating. The third faucet turned on and another stall slammed shut. The fourth faucet turned on. Mist filled the room. I need to get out of here! She thought. She searched for her purse in the mist. She found it and headed for the door. She heard a sound. The most terrible sound. She heard the sound of the sun falling to the ground. The sound of it’s yellow colored metal hitting the tile, was a bone jarring explosion. Myra reached into her purse, grabbed her phone, and started to video. With one hand she tried to open the bathroom door. It was locked. What? This CAN’T be locked! It has no lock! She put her face to the door and yelled.

“Help! Help Me! The Door Is Locked!” She screamed. The bathroom fell into a hush. Everything was silent. The mist was still there, floating like a cloud. Myra clicked her phone off. She backed into a corner and closed her eyes and she slid down and huddled in the corner. She new what would happen next. She heard a girl scream.

“!dekcoL sI rooD ehT !eM pleH !pleH” Someone screamed. Myra heard the sound of a video starting. She heard the yellow sun sliding on the wall back up to it’s hook. Then she heard the sound of someone walking and then gathering items. She felt that the mist was gone and she heard the faucets turn off and the sound of the stalls being reopened. She heard a groan and the sound of a purse opening. Then she heard a few light footsteps, the light being turned off, and then silence. She opened her eyes and got up. She opened the bathroom door and walked back to her class. She knew what had happened. It always happens. Everyone’s to scared to talk about it. Their bathroom was haunted. And the ghost’s that lived there made sure that you would never forget your trips to the bathroom.


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