Know Who You Trust

“Why did Boccaccio have the first story teller invoke God?”

Boccaccio had the story teller invoke God to establish creditability in the story. He wanted to make it believable and relatable. In the first story, God was presented as judge and creator over the lives and well being of the people. At the end of the story, the story teller promised the people reading that God would hear them. This is a way to establish faith in God, yes, but also in the story teller himself. To trust the word of a man, you must also trust the man. The story teller used this to his advantage, claiming that God was the ruler and ultimate authority over all. However, the danger with trusting is, that if the man whom you trust is lying, you wouldn’t know. And if this man claims one thing and the people believe it to be true, but then claims another thing that is actually false–the people would still believe it to be true. Remember to know the person you trust, or it might lead you down a dark path.  

English 2: 160


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