To Praise a Conman, is to Worship a Fool

 “What points is Erasmus making in the excerpt you read from The Praise of Folly?”

The point Erasmus is making is that the people that others praise are not worthy of praise at all. He talked about how the merchants were praised for having money, but the only reason they have so much of it is because they cheat, lie, and steal from the public. He talked about how the monks and religious folk, that claim to be saints, couldn’t be farther from the title.

When you look at the world of the past and then the present, you learn that not much has changed, as much as the world would like you to believe different. In truth, we are not so different from the people of these stories. Business men can lie and cheat their way around anything and claim it’s ‘just business’. Scientists can test on animals and humans without proper reason and claim it’s ‘in the name of science’. Catholics and other religious folk can bad mouth others and claim to be perfect because they’re ‘a saint’ or ‘a pope’. But we all know this is wrong. So why do we keep doing it? Could it be because we can? Maybe it’s because it makes us feel better. Or maybe it’s because we’re all just trying to get by and some people think they have to be a certain way in order to have success. 

Western Civ. 165


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