Early Renaissance Art Work

“Briefly discuss three artists from the early Renaissance, as well as one major work for each.”

Our history lesson begins with the Florence Baptistry. There was a competition for the painting of the Florence Baptistery doors in the early Renaissance. Many artists were given a chance to proove themselves, but only a handful were chosen for the final product. Three of which were Lorenzo Ghiberti (Lore-en-zo Gib-er-tea), Filippo Brunelleschi (Phil-lip-poe Broon-all-es-key), and Donatello (Donna-tell-oh). Ghiberti won the contest and he created a scene out of sheets of bronze. Here’s a photo:

Image result for florence baptistery east doors ghiberti

Ghiberti designed 28 panels and another set of doors, one set with old testament themes and the other with new testament themes. In total, it took 20 years for him to complete everything and Michelangelo described Ghiberti’s work as the ‘Gates of Paradise’. 


The next artist we shall look at is Donatello. Donatello went on to create the David statue, inspired by Ancient Rome and the Roman Ruins. One of the things that made this statue unique, was that you could walk all the way around it. It wasn’t fixed to the wall or inside a canvas. It was also very specific to the way a real human would look, not picture perfect like everyone would imagine David looking. Donatello meant to display a deeper meaning of this statue by presenting David as naked, and not covered in armor. His message was that, in the Bible, David’s armor is God. Florence was a parallel of David, as the city was protected by God and her enemies were stricken down. Donatello made many more statues that were very life like and not something you’d want to portray yourself as. I will not be showing a picture of his David statue on this blog, but you may see it for yourself by following this link:

Donatello’s David

The final artist we shall look at today that made their mark in the early Renaissance is Filippo Brunelleschi. After failing to win the chance to sculpt the Florence Baptistery doors, Brunelleschi became a great architect of the Renaissance figures. Through his life, Brunelleschi was claimed a technical and mathematical genius, and developed a method of drawing with mathematical equations. He is most well known for his work on the Florence Cathedral, to which he contributed the large, expansive dome topping the whole thing off. Everyone was amazed at his success and the sheer magnitude of the dome itself. It took most of Brunelleschi life but in the end, the accomplishment was and is legendary. The inside of the dome was painted by Brunelleschi and two other painters, Vasari (Vah-sar-he) and Zuccaro (Zoo-car-roh) . Here’s a picture of the exterior:

Image result for Florence Cathedral dome

And now for the interior:

Image result for florence cathedral dome interior



Western Civ. 160



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