English 2: 155

“Did these two literary documents give guidance as to how a typical Christian should live?”

Well, that’s a complicated question because the way the Pope’s acted were all over the place. Some displayed traits that are valued like giving to the poor, acting right in the face of danger, putting others first, and some, various traits. But some of the behavior was awful. Like cutting off the limbs of animals. Or being annoying just to make someone shut up. A typical Christian should obey the laws put down by man, as well as the laws put down by God. But, a Christian shouldn’t take mans word for a fact, if God’s word says different. A typical Christian shouldn’t go around calming to be something that their not, like a reincarnation of the Christ or something silly like that. Overall, my answer would be ‘meh’. Despite the unprofessionally used word, that’s the best word I could use to describe my answer. Yes and no. Half and half. Sugar and creamer. Black and white. Up and down. Wait, I’m getting off topic. Perhaps you’re wanting me to use a better word to describe my thoughts. Very well, how about——nope I’ve got nothing. Never mind. ‘Meh’ is as good as you’re going to get. 

English 2: 155



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