The Fresh Salmon Of Different Waters

Think of marine mammals, which breathe air like we do but drink only salt water; and think of fish such as salmon which live part of their life in saltwater and part in freshwater. How do aquatic organisms deal with the different concentrations of salt in the water?”

Currently, I’m trying to remember what my teacher said about this subject. A bunch of loose thoughts are floating around in my head right now and I’m trying to figure out which ones are actually relevant. Alright. I know from the question and from the lesson, that salmon can travel from fresh water to salt water and I know they have a way of processing the salt—-I’VE GOT IT. OK. The salmon gets its nutrients from the salt in the water when it’s  in a body of salt water. However, when there’s not enough–if not any–salt in the fresh water, how can the salmon survive? It survives by getting its nutrients from the food it finds on the bottom of the rivers and lakes. It processes the salt water differently than it would the fresh water, so both bodies can become habitual for the salmon. 

Biology 160


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