Petrarch Embodies An Era

“In what ways does Petrarch embody the spirit of the Renaissance?”

The Renaissance era was about going back to the old ways, like leaning less towards religion and more towards mythology. The artists of this era dug up and used ancient sculptures for their inspiration. The Renaissance era focused more on man than it did a higher being. That being said, Petrarch was very self-centered. In a love letter he wrote about a girl, he only mentioned her twice while mentioning himself twenty-three times. He wanted to go back to his roots and found the modern times to be barbaric. The people spoke in Latin that Petrarch described as harsh. He wanted to speak and write in Latin that was beautiful, flowing, and elegant. With his mindset and his motives, it’s easy to see why he embodies the spirit of the Renaissance.

Western Civ 155




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