Atone For Your Sins Or Die Longer!

“Did the Little Flowers provide the common man with confidence about his own life beyond the grave?”

Unless the ‘common man’ is a goody two shoes type of guy who never does anything wrong and rights all of his sins before his untimely–let me say that again—untimely demise, then Little Flowers would cause the common man to fear death even more than he should, because of what waits for him on the other side. See, it’s called an untimely death for a reason. You never know when you’re going to die. That being said, you can never stop sinning completely. Like, you can’t decide from a certain point on that you won’t sin. Everyone sins, it’s apart of life. When a Christian sins, they ask Jesus for forgiveness and He forgives them. That doesn’t mean that when I sin, I shouldn’t feel bad about it. That’s a different topic for another day. The point is, since your death is so untimely, you wouldn’t know when to stop sinning and go through the forgiveness process. Why does this matter? Because in Little Flowers, if you have sins that aren’t forgiven after you die, you go to a place called Purgatory. It’s not fun. It’s freaking terrifying. Then, after you atone for your sins, you go to heaven. Let me make it more simple. According to Little Flowers, if you’re Catholic and you die with sin, you go to Purgatory to atone for those sins. After that’s done, you get to go to heaven. However, if you aren’t Catholic, when you die, you go straight to Hell. Fun. So, unless the common man is a perfect angel, I’d be very worried and have little to no confidence about my life beyond the grave. 

English 2: 150


3 thoughts on “Atone For Your Sins Or Die Longer!

  1. Rebecca April 2, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    Good points! Only thing is you could say it with a little more gentleness. It feels a little angry/sarcastic almost. You won’t help people see that way. Not to say there shouldn’t be righteous anger just maybe not in this case. 🙂

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    • mistyoceans April 4, 2017 / 2:08 pm

      Okie dokie. Thanks for commenting. I didn’t mean to come across as angry, just sarcastic. I try to put a positive spin on most stuff but it’s kinda hard to put a positive spin on something that I disagree with so much.

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