“That’s all they were–stories!”

“If you had been listening to these stories in 1300, what would you have concluded from them is the way to gain eternal life?”

Follow and trust in the pope, for he has power beyond man or beast. The pope is to be trusted and the papacy followed. The church is to be highly praised and to achieve eternal life, you must be good and confess your sins. The only way to eternal life is the church. That’s what I would’ve thought if I read these stories and believed them to be true. However, if I were to go back to the 1300’s and listen to these stories in their time, I’d have more common sense and tell them the true way to eternal life isn’t through a pope, but through Jesus Christ.

English 2: 145

Can you guess the movie I quoted in the title? I’ll give you a hint, it’s Disney.


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