Literally Children

“What was the Great Western Schism?”

Buckle up, this one’s going to be hilarious. The Great Western Schism or malso known as one of the funniest points in history. To put it simply, the Romans were electing a new pope to put in office. They wanted a specific pope to lead, particularity, a Roman one. Why? Because they didn’t need a pope who would run away or one that didn’t know their rules already. So there they were, banging on the church doors, demanding a new pope. And so the church gave them one. He was an Italian. The people didn’t like him all that much. And that dislike soon turned to hatered as the new pope went against their rules! So they called a meeting and decided that the new pope had been elected on false pretense. But the new pope refused to step down. Do you know what the people did next? They elected another pope! Now there were two popes, one refusing to step down and one who was the ‘true’ pope. Conflict was inevitable and eventually, a third pope was elected to be final pope and to order the others to step down. So there were three popes who each refused to step down. Eventually there was an agreement made and the third pope stayed.

Western Civ 150


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