“Do you think the typical listener to a recitation of this poem would have spotted the discrepancies?”

Let’s rephrase the question. Do you think someone who heard the poem read aloud to them, would have heard the changes in points and facts given? My answer is maybe. See, there are millions of different people in the world and we all have different perceptions of reality, as well as different opinions. This certain poem was very–how should I put this–loud. I felt as if the writer were screaming at me, trying to get me to grasp the certain concept. I felt as if he was a small child, exaggerating the truth to make himself seem larger than he actually was. My answer is maybe, because some people don’t get it when you exaggerate something. They automatically assume it’s the truth. And as outrageous as the poem was, some people might not notice the exaggeration. On the other hand, some people can spot sarcasm, exaggeration, and lies from a universe away. They would know that the author was absolutely ridiculous.

English 2: 140


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