Update! (Don’t You Love ‘Em?)


If you’ve been with my blog for a long time, you’ve noticed that my posts have gone from randomness that appears and disappears at will mixed in with a bunch of essays, to essays with smidgens of randomness that appears and then leaves forever. Also, my essays don’t have that jumpy vibe to them anymore. Why is that? Did I lose the jumpy vibe? Nah, I just don’t find essays as fun anymore. SO I’M GOING TO SORTA NOT REALLY FIX THAT. I’ve started a new blog where I will be doing book reviews as well as sharing stories and stuff. ‘MistyOcean’s Blog’ has become a blog for school, school, school, school, school as it always has been. It never occurred to me to make a different one just so that I could have fun. So, go ahead! EXPLORE MY NEW BLOG!

Click Me To Go To The Mysterious New Blog That I Have Just Now Mentioned!


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