What does it mean to say a creature is “intelligent?” Describe some of the intelligent behavior of various animals, and compare it to human intelligence.

In my opinion, the meaning of the word ‘intelligent’ doesn’t change, whether or not we are referring to a human or an animal. To say an animal is intelligent, is the same as saying a human is intelligent. Intelligent means smart, clever and tricksy. When I think of an intelligent being, I think of Gollum from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But, I’m getting off topic, so let’s go back to the question. What does it mean to say a creature is ‘intelligent’? It means that they go beyond the normal estimated behavior that someone has for the creature. For example, dogs constantly prove their intelligence to humans. They can be trained to guide a person a certain way or to behave like a human. Dogs can also sense what you’re feeling. If you’re happy and excited, there’s a good chance that your happiness will rub off on your dog. Dogs can also sense when someone doesn’t like them and tend to return the feeling. This is an example of an intelligent creature. Another intelligent creature is the monkey/ape/orangutan. They, also, can be trained to act like a human: unlocking doors, using the bathroom, and doing normal, everyday things. A human might get up, take a bath, eat some food and then go to work. So might a dog or a primate or a cat or even a rhinoceros! Lots of animals are intelligent, heck, even insects are highly intelligent. Creatures that surround us in our everyday lives are clever, smart and tricksy. Therefore, the creatures in our lives are intelligent. 

Biology 130




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