En Garde!

Hello! It’s me again! Ready for another adventure? Good, neither am I. Let’s go! Where are we going? I haven’t quite figured that bit out yet but where ever we go, I’m sure it’ll be fun! I know! Let’s go to the backyard! Oh, don’t pout, the backyard can be the funnest place in the universe if you look at it the right way. Come on, let’s head out. 


Ah, the outdoors–home of…outdoorsians…. So! Let’s have some fun, shall we? What do you mean there’s nothing to do? Here, here’s a stick. Hold it like a sword. Come on! Please? It’ll be fun, I swear. Good. Now, EN GARDE! 

-After Fencing-

You little cheat! You never told me that you were ambidextrous! Well, yeah, I technically never said that you couldn’t pull a switch mid-fight. Ok, ok you win. As of right now, the Backyard-Fencing-Championship Award goes to you! Congrats! And look! We managed to spend the whole day out here! Not a bad waste of a Monday was it? Look at the time! I have to go! I’ll see you later, and beware! I will be practicing my Fencing skills for the next time we meet! 



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