Scholastic Philosophy

What was Scholastic philosophy?

Scholastic philosophy, at its roots, was basically philosophy taught by professors in Medieval Times. Now, I could leave it at that, but what’s the point in proving that I learned the lesson taught if I don’t show my work? The philosophy was taught in Europe from 1100 to 1700. We’ll be talking about a movement called ‘Positive Theology to Speculative Theology’. For those of you who don’t know, theology is the study of God and anything related to Him or religious matters. Positive theology was described as using scripture or council to back up and/or prove your points. Example: “I’m going to heaven when I die according to ‘insert verse here’ and because of ‘insert verse here’, I can be happy!”. Speculative theology is using your reason to tell the truth or to make faith consistent with reason. Example: Does God exist? “Well, yes he does according to the Bible.” “Well guess what? I don’t believe that the Bible is telling the truth!” “Too bad! I’m right and you’re wrong!”. Ok, ok I’m kidding.  Another form of theology that was taught was Moral theology. A question that you might find in Moral theology would be questions that you’d want to discuss over a heated debate in a court room. Example: Would it be morally right for me to drop a bomb on your city, just to kill one or two criminals? I’ll let you decided the correct answer to that one.

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