It has been proposed that life consists of many variations of a few basic themes. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?

I mostly agree with this idea. I agree that there are several different variations of life and that they all fall into various categories and that we use terms to describe a very wide range of life. What I disagree with, is the use of the term ‘many’ because, in my opinion, a better word could be used to describe the multitude of variations we have. ‘Many’ just seems like such a modern term that we use in our everday day lives, that we forget what it actually means and the depth that it holds. And frankly, putting so many variations of life into such a simple word can lead to a large lack of knowledge. When I say, “plant” you probably think of a flower or a tree. But in reality, there is much more to the group than that. Hence, why I disagree with using the word ‘many’. Maybe ‘multitudinous’ would’ve been a better word.

Biology 120




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