Misconceptions about the Crusades

Today, I’m going to share with you a few common misconceptions that can be found when talking to people in the real world. This may come up during a conversation over coffee and you can prove to your friend that you are indeed the alpha history junkie. Let’s begin.

Misconception (1) 

The crusades were all about crazy christians attacking innocent muslims!

The Truth (1)

Actually, the muslims had already taken over 2/3 of the christian world, including Asa Minor, the Middle East, North Africa and most of Spain. The reason most of those countries are considered ‘muslim territory’ now, is because the muslims took them captive in the Crusades. The muslims were headed for the christian’s home base and they stood firm and defended it. And so they did attack with reason.

Misconception (2)

The Crusaders acted religiously devoted but were secretly all in it for the money!

The Truth (2)

Yeah, that’s totally true–Not. People who needed money left their precious lands for months at a time and lost so much money, that they had to sell their land to survive. In fact, most Crusaders went bankrupt. 

Misconception (3)

When the father of the house died, he would bequeath his land to his first (or eldest) son and the second son (second eldest) would get nothing. And so, that is why all of the Crusaders were second sons! Because they were jealous and wanted land to own, so they went off and stole it!

The Truth (3)

First of all, there is absolutely no evidence that supports the theory of the second sons being Crusaders. In fact, it was the first sons who went all power hungry. I guess they got a taste of wealth and instead of a drop, they wanted a goblet.

Misconception (4)

The catholic Crusaders wanted to convert the muslim crusaders to christianity by force!

The Truth (4)

Oh don’t get your codes in a jumble, the muslims weren’t forced to do anything! In fact, the muslims outnumbered the catholics so trying to convert them wouldn’t be very successful. Majority rules as they say. 

That concludes just a few misconceptions that people have about the Crusades. 

Western Civ. 115


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