Comparison Hall Makes A Comeback!

“Compare Paul’s concept of God’s sovereignty in Romans 9:1-23 with Justin’s concept of God’s sovereignty in Chapter XLIII: RESPONSIBILITY ASSERTED.”

Justin says that if humans didn’t have free will, the we couldn’t be blamed by our actions because we wouldn’t know right from wrong. He also states that if someone is born evil, there isn’t anything to change that and that they cannot be anything but what they were made to be. Paul says that the clay pot has no right to question it’s shape to the potter. What that means is, that we shouldn’t cry out to God and say, “Why have you made me this way?” because we have no right to. You don’t hear tables lecturing the carpenters on how tall they would like to be, or how brightly their polished wood should shine, or even how rounded the edges might be. You don’t hear that, mainly because tables and clay pots are inanimate objects, but you also don’t hear that because it’s an example of how we should act. We should be happy with how we are, no matter how different. And we should respect our bodies, not try to make them bigger or smaller. Wanting to be healthy is one thing, but forcing yourself to do things that you don’t enjoy just to impress someone else isn’t how you should act. 

English 2: 110


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