A Nation Divided

“According to Mark’s gospel, what was main issue dividing Jesus from the leaders of Israel?”

In my opinion, the real reason was the people. The people were against Jesus and so the leaders had to be. If they weren’t against Jesus, then the people would most likely uproot them from their position. But some leaders actually hated Jesus because he claimed to be something that (according to them) he was not. He broke their laws while saying it was alright to do so. They’re Bibles told of the Son of God coming to earth and they took that information ran with it. They thought he’d arrive in a kingdom or would arrive in a glorious splendor and everyone would know it. That is partially what happened but not how they expected it. The angels bearing the news of Jesus’ arrival didn’t appear to the kings and queens, they appeared to the lowly shepherds. When he was older, Jesus didn’t sit with the rich and well known, he sat with the sinners and poor people. Jesus fulfilled everything that the Bible said he would, the people were just too blind to see it. They couldn’t see past they’re own fantasies of how it should be and turned confusion and disappointment into anger and red hot rage and disbelief. And that is what divided Jesus and the leaders of Israel. 

English 2: 90


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