The Significance Of Rome

“Why was Rome significant in the history of Western civilization?”

Why was—why was Rome–s-seriously? Why would you even ask—how could you even–why was Rome significant? For starters it was the most powerful part of the known world for a while and the people who ruled it are legendary! And it wasn’t just the Emperors who got praised. The Roman Legion had about 128,000 – 179,200 men and they were FIERCE! The wars are legendary and the art and culture found in Rome is mostly likely the best. The history of Rome is taught in every school in America and when you say ‘Roman Times’ people instantly know what you’re talking about. That’s freaking legendary! Not to mention the spread of Christianity in Rome and the journeys of Paul the Apostle, stories of which are very popular in the Christian Community. Rome is very significant in Western Civilization because of it’s reign and the lessons it has taught us through history. 

Western Civ: 80


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