Comparing Things And Making Points

How you would compare what Christ taught in the New Testament to the beliefs of those in Homer’s work? What do they have in common?

Let’s compare shall we? The people in Homer’s work weren’t exactly the brightest of the bunch. They started a war, with some VERY long history, over a single woman. And one of the greatest heroes did something EXTREMELY stupid! I mean, just because taunting a giant cyclops to death worked–that doesn’t mean it was a good idea. On the other hand, in the New Testament, Christ taught us to love one another and to have peace in Him. Now, that doesn’t mean sitting down with the cyclops for a lovely spot of tea, it means try to avoid violence all together. 

One of the most obvious things that these two have in common, is the fact that there are higher beings present at most times. In the New Testament, Christ is literally God on earth. And although the gods of olympus may not have been directly involved with things like the Trojan War, they certainly played their parts on Mount Olympus. 


Western Civ. 60




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