Just Use Your Imagination

Imagine a big sparkling lake. Good, now imagine beautiful green grass surrounding that lake. Imagine a tall, old pine tree that’s near the shore of the lake. Its shade is covering a bit of the lake and in it’s shade reside some water snakes. In the trunk of the tree there are a few mice, nestled snuggly in some stray pine needles, left over from last winter. Around the trunk, there are some flowers and some plants of unknown origin. Munching on some of the plants are a good surplus of crickets. Up above in the trees, two hawks makes their nest. In this section of the planet, the food chain is complete. The crickets eat the plants, the mice eat the crickets and the hawks and snakes eat the mice. Until, of course, the migration came. About a dozen hawks flew in overnight and the food chain became corrupt. There just wasn’t enough mice for both the snakes and hawks. And so, the cricket population became overrun and soon there was no green grass and the hawks resorted to eating the snakes. But once the snakes were gone, the hawks moved on to the crickets and finished them off. Once everything was gone, the hawks left. All that was left of the once-home-to-many, was a large pine tree, a shimmering lake and a lone hawk feather, dancing in the wind.

Biology 60




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