Avoiding Fate Is A Tricky Thing


“How could’ve Orestes avoided his fate?”

First, a little history. Greeks believed that Furies were tied to certain people’s lives. A Fury is a creature that is practically made of revenge and when you die, it basically drags your soul off to Hades. Orestes killed his father and his father’s Furies came after Orestes. They told him that the only way he could avoid his fathers fate was to kill his mother. But when Orestes went to kill his mother, his mother told Orestes that she would send her Furies after him. So, Orestes was indeed trapped. If he killed his mother, her Furies would chase after him. If he left her alone, his fathers Furies would come after him. Basically, he was dead either way. How could’ve Orestes avoided his fate? Simple. He could’ve avoided killing his father.

English 2: 50


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