“Why do some species only live in one part of the world, even though there are other environments which could be suitable?”

While some environments might be suitable related to weather or food, there are many factors that need to be in place for a certain animal to live there. Let’s use a Kangaroo for this example. Seeing as they live in Australia locally, a kangaroo wouldn’t be suitable living in somewhere like Georgia or California. They’d need shelter and they’d also need to be able to get food easily and efficiently. Of course, having a pure water source is also very important. Even if you had all of those things on hand, you’d need to make sure the weather didn’t have that strong of an effect on them. Then, you’d need to take their attitude into account. People have reported animals dying because they were depressed or scared. And even if you did all of that, you’d need to watch out for predators that might try to harm them. If you let a kangaroo loose in the Georgia Mountains that thing’s not gonna last long. Why? Because it wouldn’t know how to survive in that type of environment. It’s just safer to leave the poor creatures where they belong.


Science 50


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