Days Of Future Past

What was Hesiod’s view of the mankind’s past and future?


Hesiod’s view of mankind’s past and future is quite similar to the Bible’s view of the beginning and the end. In the Bible, the beginning was perfect before man sinned. The end would come when the world was in a state of pure chaos. Hesiod thought that the beginning was somewhat peaceful, despite that chaos of the god’s fighting. Everything really went downhill for humanity when the god Prometheus gave fire to mankind. Enraged, Zeus cursed mankind with women. Like in the Bible, the end would come when the earth is destroyed. Zeus might set fire to the world and watch it burn though his motive is unclear. Maybe he becomes sick of humanity and deems us unworthy. Maybe he thinks that humanity will do something terribly wrong and has to stop it. Or maybe one day he’ll just wake up and go, “Oh no! Humanity discovered our secret base in the Empire State Building! ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION!” Ten minutes later BOOM! Earth explodes. Whatever Zeus’s motive might be for killing humanity, I hope it’s a good one. 


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