An After Thought

 Discuss your own personal thoughts on DNA

Alright. Believe it or not, I’m not asked for my professional opinion very often. Sure I answer the questions, but I’ve never really given my personal insight on something so complex. I mean, do you realize how complicated DNA is? It’s crazy! Because of your DNA, you are who you are! DNA is also literally one of the easiest answers to any question. “Why do you look like your mother?” DNA. “How come you and your father have the same tastes in music?” DNA. “What makes it possible for a goat to have 5 legs?” Mutated DNA! “What book are you reading?” DNA. “Why do you think it’s a good reason to have ice cream at 7 am?”….DNA. “Why are you using DNA to answer all of my questions?” Because it’s a logical answer! You can drive anyone insane by saying just that. And if you think hard enough, it does become a very logical answer. But hey, that’s just a thought. An after thought. 


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