Genesis vs Theogony

“What are the main differences between Genesis 1 and Theogony?”

To first understand this question you must understand what it is talking about. For those of you who do not know, Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Theogony, by Hesiod, is a large poem about one mans perspective on how the world began. In the beginning of the Theogony, the man states that he was chosen by the Muses, who were the daughters of Zeus, to share this story with humanity. To sum it up, the story tells of how Chaos just appeared in the world. After Chaos appeared, other gods came and those gods were the source of many more gods. However, these gods were not very different from humans. For Zeus was not omnipotent and he worried about being overthrown very often. But war and conflict were basic to the gods and deception was universal on olympus, so there was no possible peace between them. And so man was born into a cursed world, not because he sinned, but because of the god’s attitudes of hatred. This is shown when the gods gave man, women, not as a companion or a gift, but as a curse. As you can see this is very different from Genesis 1. Genesis 1 states that God spoke and there was light. He sculpted the earth and made all of the animals and plants. He then made man, in His own image, to name and take care of all of God’s creation. There was nothing but peace. However, God saw that man was lonely and so God created woman. Not as a curse, but as a companion and a partner. The man and woman could do whatever they pleased, as long as they didn’t touch one tree. But Satan tempted the woman into eating from the tree, and she in turn gave a bite to the man. That is how sin entered the world in the Bible. Now that I have explained their stories, we can now pick apart their main differences. First of all, in the Theogony, the world was cursed and man was born into it. In the Bible, the world was perfect and man caused the sin. In the Theogony, the gods were ones of wrath, anger, and destruction. However, in the Bible, God was a peaceful yet powerful god. Something obviously different between the two stories, is that in one, there are multiple gods but in the other, there is only one. The last main difference between them is that, in the Theogony, Zeus is the most powerful god but he isn’t omnipotent. In the Bible, God is the only god and He is truly omnipotent. 

Looking at these two books from afar, they can be easily passed off as one in the same. Religion is something that most of the world takes part in and there are many different types. However, I’d advise you not to judge a book by its cover, because you have no idea of the differences that lie underneath. 


Western Civ: 35, English 2: 35




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