Eleven Facts About Myself

1. I know the function of a rubber duck. 

2. I operate the video camera and control the slides/lyrics on screen at my church. I also serve in our Cafe making frappuccinos. 

3. Old things fascinate me.

4. I love pickles.

5. I ask logical questions. For example: Why is it that when someone asks me to write down or speak facts about myself, I forget everything that has ever happened to me?

6. I’ve been on one cruise going to and coming from the Bahamas. 

7. I have an open mind.

8. I live fifteen minutes away from where the Walking Dead films.

9. I love surprising people with things they enjoy.

10. I am a Christian but I choose not to debate with you which religion is better. 

11. I have hair on my toes so I guess I’m a hobbit.


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