Spartan Society

 “What was Spartan society like?”

Sparta. When the word comes to mind, most think of warriors or gladiators (or is it just me?) and they are right to think this way. Growing up in the Spartan society was rough, no doubt. Boys were taken from their homes at a young age to toughen them up. They would live together, fight together and train together. They would have to catch their own food. If they didn’t have a successful hunt, they would not eat. There were, however, other ways to get food. The boys would self-teach themselves how to steal without being caught. This was encouraged by the Spartans, as they thought it would teach them to be clever and cunning in battle. The girls on the other hand, would not be taken from their homes. They would partake in vigorous running exercises, wrestling matches and more. The men rarely came home to see their families, so the women would have to raise their children alone. Spartans believed that if the mother was healthy, the boy would be too. A healthy boy meant a valiant soldier and a valiant solider meant a victorious army. 


Western Civ: 25



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