May your heart know the truth

“Discuss the relationship between ethics and sanctions in Proverbs 1-7.”

Before I begin to discuss the relation ship between ethics and sanctions in Proverbs 1-7, I am well aware that some of you may not know what ethics and sanctions are. Going to the root of the words, ethics can be translated to good and evil. Sanctions can be translated to the consequence of doing something against a law. Now that we’ve got that all settled, we can go back to the problem. Discuss the relationship between good and evil and the punishment for disobedience. Proverbs 1-7 is filled to the brim with guidelines on how to live and parables warning you to not fall trap to one of the biggest sins: adultery. Proverbs 1 talks of how you should always put God first and that He is your main priority. Proverbs 3 tells you not to act as if you know everything. Mainly because you don’t and you shouldn’t embarrass yourself acting as though you do.  Proverbs 6 tells of how you shouldn’t be lazy and expect everything to be done for you and that if you continue to act lazy, you can expect a dirt-poor life in poverty. Proverbs 7 speaks of adultery. No matter how tempting, do not give into it, for it will end in your destruction. It states,“Talk to wisdom as a sister. Treat insight as your companion. They’ll be with you to fend off the evil temptress.” Proverbs 7: 4-5a. You’ve no idea how much pain and guilt you would feel if you were to give into the temptress. Know this faithful reader, no matter what situation your life is in, wether it be good or bad, do not look at your life through the tainted lenses of society. Look at your life through heavens eyes.


English 2: 25


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